Game Format and Expectations

Tournament Play Objectives

  1. Provide all teams with 4 games, and determine an outright champion for each division.
  2. This tournament is intended to provide fun, fair, and safe play while providing the players an opportunity to get a lot of games in.

Tournament Location

Oak Ridge Park, Washington, IL.

Tournament Play:

  • The tournament format is Round Robin Pool Play with a seeded knockout bracket. Exceptions will be made based on division size to ensure every team gets a minimum of 4 games (weather permitting). Please see the end of this page for further information. Questions on format may be sent to   All division champions will receive a medal at the Tournament Winner’s Circle.
  • U8 Youth Boys 5 v 5 (goalie + 4 players) 1 official
  • U10 Youth Boys 7 v 7 (goalie + six players)
  • U12 Youth Boys 10 v 10
  • U14 Youth Boys (No High School Freshmen)
  • Girls' Youth 5th & 6th
  • Girls' Youth 7th & 8th (No High School Freshmen)

A roster for each team in each division is required prior to the start of the tournament; emailed by May 10th. Rosters will be kept in a binder at the registration table. Roster exceptions will only be granted at the discretion of tournament director to ensure fair play. Inquiries can be made to and must be submitted at least 9 days prior to tournament start.

A player can only be rostered on one team for the tournament. If a younger player is rostered on a higher division, that player cannot play down.

No player can play down a level.

Game Specifics: CENTRAL CLOCK

  • All games will play 20 minute halves, running clock, with a 5 minute halftime.
  • Coaches will have a 1 minute time out during each half. Stick checks can be requested, by the coach, if a time out is still available.
  • Penalty time will stop during goals in favor, not against.
  • There will be no overtime in pool play games. Overtime in knockout bracket will be one 4-minute Sudden Victory period until a winner is determined. If a tie exists after 2 overtime periods, a coin flip will be used to determine the winner, except in a championship game. There will be no time outs during overtime play.
  • No long-stick play for U10 Boys' Division, all other US Lacrosse Rules apply unless specified in this document.
  • Player's age bracket is determined by US Lacrosse rules (Sep 1 yr prior) where proof of age must be available upon request subject to disqualification of game and/or championship. Players may only be rostered to one tournament team. Players may play up a division, but never down.
  • At the end of each game the teams are requested to leave the team area for the next team to set up.
  • NEW for 2020 girls divisions will play games with full checking rules.

Points for Seeding/Champion

  • Win = 3 pts
  • Tie = 1 pt
  • Loss = 0 pt
  • Tie Breaker: See below

Tie Breaker

  • Head to Head record
  • Average Goals Against = Goals Scored Against / Games
  • Average Goals Scored = Sum Scored Goals / Games
  • Coin Flip Playoff – Tournament Director sets up a bracket with remaining teams. An Official will flip a coin with the head coach from each team to determine which team advances.

Official Scoring

  • At the start of each game, each team will designate (1) person to sit at the score table. This format will ensure fairness to both playing teams.  Head referee will sign the score card at the end of the game, and the score table is responsible for inserting the signed score card in the box on the table, or handing it to the Field Manager/Washington Lacrosse staff.  Game results will be posted near the registration table.

Weather Policy

In the event of adverse weather or unplayable field conditions, the tournament directors reserve the right to:

  1. Reduce game times in order to catch up with schedule.
  2. Finish game before inclement weather arrives, or to preserve field conditions.
  3. Reschedule games, if possible.
  4. Convert the tournament to a 'Festival' format without playoffs or championships to enable the majority of the teams to have the opportunity to play as many games as possible.

Every attempt will be made to update cancellations or postponements on Facebook. However, weather conditions can change rapidly and all teams should be prepared to play as soon as weather clears and fields are playable. In the event of cancellation due to weather prior to the start of the tournament, each team will be refunded the entry fee less 45%. If the tournament is canceled after play has begun no refund will be given.


If thunder or lightning is observed at any location play will be suspended immediately and players and fans will be asked to leave the field. Play will be allowed to resume 20 minutes after the last sound of thunder or sighting of lightning is observed. If a game is in progress, the period will end immediately. If it is the second half, the game will be considered final and the score at that point will be recorded. If it is the first half, when play resumes it will be the start of the second half. Every attempt will be made to begin subsequent games on time. If the start of the second half of the suspended game delays the onset of the subsequent game the following actions will occur:

  1. The game suspended will play one 20 minute running time second half (15 min. for the U10 and U12 divisions).
  2. Subsequent games will begin immediately after preceding games (warm up on the sidelines prior to the game.) These games will consist of one 30 minute running time period until games are back on schedule. Teams will have one 30 second timeout each game, not to be used in the last two minutes.
  3. Once games are back on schedule they will consist of two 20 minute running time periods. We will make every attempt to play every game but we will not jeopardize the safety of any player.


Food and merchandise vendors will be available on location. In addition, fastest shot, girls’ draw and boys' face-off contests may occur during the tournament. Please watch Facebook (join Washington Invitational Lacrosse Tournament) and emails regarding these events, or stop at the registration table for details.


3 Teams
  • Double round robin….no championship game, most points is champions
4 Teams
  • Round Robin (each team will have 3 games)
  • 1 v 2 for champ
  • 3 v 4 for 3rd
5 Team
  • Straight round robin..most points in champion
6+ teams
  • Round Robin Pool Play (3 games)…Pool winners, then most points play for championship. Depending on division size other teams will be paired to get 4th games.


Washington Lacrosse Invitational Format_2019