Registration Overview

Registration opens December 2nd for the Spring 2024 season.  You may register through the Washington Park District either in person or online.  To register online visit Washington Park District online  If you have not registered online before, you will need to create an account.  Registration is open until February 21, 2024.

Online and walk-in registrations are available now thru February 21, 2024

All participating athletes are required to sign a Code of Conduct.

2024 Age Groups and Fees

10U Boys (4th grade and under) - $100
12U Boys (5th/6th grade) - $200
14U Boys (7th/8th grade) - $200
14U Girls (5th - 8th grade) - $200
10U Girls (4th grade and under) - $100


Uniforms are included in the registration fee and will be issued to all players (boys/girls) at all levels. 

Uniforms must be returned on the scheduled uniform/equipment return date(s).

Boys: Stick, helmet, chest protector, gloves, elbow pads - $100*
Girls: Stick and goggles - $50 deposit*
*$50 refund upon equipment return

Lacrosse Helmets

When a parent/guardian wants to purchase their player their own personal equipment, the Washington Lacrosse Club is often asked what type of helmet to purchase their player.  Typically, helmets are purchased online due to the lack of lacrosse equipment available at retail stores in the area.  Most online lacrosse sites sell the same brand/styles of helmets, so it is really the player's preference.  For older players, we do suggest purchasing a black-colored helmet if the player intends to play in high school.